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December's Dress of the Month

December's Dress of the Month
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It's December 1st! the first day of Hanukkah, my son's Birthday party, and for many in the western industry the day everyone is headed to the desert for the NFR. So of course, the Dress of the Month HAD to be shot in the desert. 
Oscar, we will call this flowing beauty, is my favorite dress! The embroidered overlay lace reminds me of my style icon, Betsy Davis. Don't bother Googling her, she has passed on, and I'm not entirely sure she would come up in your search bar anyway. To me ol' Bets (my Grannie) had the low down on what was up in fashion, fabrics, and red CHANEL lipstick. 
Oscar is full of possibilities! The chiffon dress has a mid length train, with a mid-thigh front slit. Outward facing zipper, and Kimes Denim as the waistline belt, shoulder bow and strap. 
I love how this dress made me feel when wearing it! It has the capability of making you feel like a fairy princess, a strong successful woman, AND all of the sudden, sex appeal. That's why this dress if perfect for an event, or as a wedding dress. 
Versatility! That's why the December dress is so perfect! Women on the go no longer need to, nor have the time to change dresses from one event to the next. I want a garment that I can run in. A garment I can wear on my wedding day and be stunning in, a garment I can wear to the Cowboys and Indian's Gala, and a garment that I can wear under my Leather jacket, Nine7O lid and tennis shoes for a Street Style look. Yes, I know its crazy to wear the same thing twice, to major events, But just give her a whorl. It's fun to have an investment piece that doesn't just hang in the closet. 
Details of this dress were so fun to make, but not nearly as fun (or hazards) as shooting it was. 
Kirstie Marie Photography is, as I'm sure many of you know, one of the best photographers in the biz. I'm not just  talking about the Western Industry either.I mean the Photography biz as a whole, she has her finger on the pulse of all styles of imagery. She is a photographer genius.  
The way Kirstie is able to play with light to create a completely magical image is uncanny. She has the talent to capture a detailed high quality beautiful image in the next frame with the same light and setting, as a totally whimsical fairy image. To be able to capture to completely different images side by side, to me is just amazing! Then, it gets better! She pulls out this big block of a camera, that looks like, "oh dang, I must be kind of a bid deal if she is pulling that thing out!" (She has this uncanny capability of making you feel like the most beautiful person she has ever photographed.) Then she starts shooting film! How cool are these black and white images? I feel like a movie star from one of the old Elvis movies from the 60's.  
Check out Kirstie in insta @kirstieeemarie and her stunning website
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