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November's Dress

November's Dress
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November. The month. 
November is full of fresh (or molting, it is Fall after all) ideas. I love this time of year. Well September actually is my most favorite, but November is in a strong second place. 
Hunting season, leaves changing and campfires, all that's left is buffalo plaid and whiskey. Oh wait, we have that too!!!
Caree Prince of Charokee Park is the most phenomenal human being and photographer I know to date! She captured these images of a bunch of rad humans romping around the woods with axes, rifles, whiskey, and oh yeah; couture gowns!
Take a peak at the dresses of the month, some of my most favorite ever to have made, photograph and romp around in! 
Candace from Cooped Up Cowboys Wife, and I had a blast adding our November duds to the Dress of the Month. Photo shoots are such an amazing opportunity to showcase creativity. But being cold during a shoot is just silly! In all serious though, I pulled inspiration or this shoot from a recent Vogue Campaign. I'm blessed to know and have people in my life that act our my crazy ideas!
This shoot turned into many dresses, laughs and Hootie Hoo (this adorable hound you see pictured) stealing the show. 
Go give my friends a follow who made this Vogue inspired crazy idea come to life!
Photographer Caree Prince from @careeoke and check out their website at
Models are all from @c.m.modeling. Cassidy, Luke, and the lovely Kadee
Candace from @coopedupcowboyswife

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